Mission Statement: To assist individuals who wish to follow their dreams and achieve employment and financial independence by starting/operating their own business. The Small Business Support Network will assist these entrepreneurs as they seek to overcome the inherit financial difficulties experienced when launching, sustaining, and growing their small business.

The Small Business Support Network is a non-profit arm of the Lincoln Park Community Center. The Small Business Support Network provides access to professional advertising and marketing consulting services to its client businesses through an arrangement with Mr. Chris A. Karda, owner of Crystallinity marketing agency. The arrangement provides for reduced rate consultative business services and, on occasion, and at the sole discretion of Lincoln Park Community Center Executive Director Joyce Davis, the Small Business Support Network may agree to cover the certain costs associated with a number of consultation meetings or special projects.


List of Current Client Businesses:






Jai Norvelle Cakes and Confectionery



Contact: Chris A. Karda, Consultant at 412-709-0753, or email to


Application to be considered for support: